Welcome to the Village of Kratzke, Russia
Created By Bob L. Berschauer and Prof' Brent Mai

Our Ancestors Emigrate
From Germany To Russia
Then some to the USA

Kratzke Family
Heinrich Berschauer & Family
Kratzke Church

Kratzke Church est. 1899, photo taken 1996

Heinrich Berschauer Sr. - Katharina Margaret Maier - Henry Jr's Frau - Henry Jr.
Children: assumed to be Henry Jr's children

Family photo courtesy of Donald E. Berschauer, Olympia, Wa.

The church steple was removed in the early 1940's and it has been used for grain storage ever since.
Kratzke Church Photo courtesy of Palmer Mai

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Research by Dr. Igor & Ludmilia Plehve
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Surnames in Kratzke
The History of Kratzke
The History of Kratzke's Name
Origin of the First Kratzke Settlers
Kratzke's First Settlers Names (1767)
The Kratzke Lutheran Church and its Pastors
Map of Kratzke and Vicinity
Population Statistics (1769-1926)
1798 Census of Kratzke
Last Letters from Kratzke (1932)
Books of Kratzke Family Histories
Ahrenfeld, Kratzke's Daughter Colony
History of Ahrenfeld
Population Statistics
Immigration to Russia
Catherine the Great's Manifesto
Ships that Brought Our Ancestors to Russia
Immigration to America
Ships that Brought Our Ancestors to America. (The Journey to America)
Stories About the Immigration to America
Arrival in America by Eva L Miller-Berschauer
The Henry Berschauer Sr. Family by Ron Berschauer
Accounts of The First Settlers by Henry Bender
Family Reunions
General Information
Dates: the Julian Calendar vs. the Georgian Calendar
Chronology of German-Russian History
Germans in Russia [Ukraine] Today
American Historical Society of Germans From Russia
Germans From Russian Heritage Society GHRS
Directory of Genealogy Web sites
Prussia vs.. Germany
Research by Dr. Brent Mai [Family list]

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